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Keto diet


Keto diet
Keto diet

Keto diet and Health

The Keto diet or Ketogenic diet consists of high and healthy fats, low or moderate protein, and low or less carbohydrate. The basic formula of the ketogenic diet is when we intake lower to low simple carbohydrates for a few days, then fats of the body will start to convert into Ketone, a form of body energy. As a result, the body fats start to reduce daily, thus help us to lose weight to fit us to wear nicer and cuter clothes that we had to left earlier due to weight gain.

We know fats store in our body and used to create our energy.  But, when these fats are stored in our body in excess than we require we become fat. A fat body is home of many diseases, miseries, and problems in our daily life.

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To overcome these problems and miseries, we need to learn how and how much fats, carbohydrates, and sugar we have to intake like food and how to use them efficiently.  It is also observed that in most cases not fat but sugar alone is causing the store of more fats IN THE BODY. So, to lose weight we have to decrease intake of sugar near to zero.

Therefore, to lose weight for a flat belly, we should have to gain efficiency  regarding intake of foods like healthy fats and complex carbohydrate, while full controlling taking sugar.   

What are the benefits of keto diets?


  • Help to lose our weight
  • Improve our sleep pattern.
  • Improve our memorize capacity.
  • Decrease our Anxiety.
  • Stabilized blood sugar and diabetes patients
  • Control our hunger and appetite.
  • Reduce our heartburn.
  • Improve our self-discipline.
  • Improve our immune system
  • In taking it slowed down our biological aging
  • Improve our energy level

 Keto diet for beginner 

We generally take Carbohydrates, Fats, and proteins in the form of foods. We get carbohydrates in two forms, Simple and Complex.  Examples of simple carbohydrates are;  Rice, potato, bread, processed foods, pastries, cakes, fruits with high sugar, and tortillas.

It is observed that simple carbohydrate is made of a shorter chain of sugar. Therefore, when we eat simple carbohydrates, it is digested easily, absorbed in the gut easily, and raising the blood sugar more easily than the Complex carbohydrate bearing foods.  As a result, increasing blood sugar releases more insulin that leads to our weight gain. We become weighty and fatty.

Complex Carbohydrate

Complex Carbohydrates are those carbohydrate foods that have a long chain of sugars. Examples of long chain bearing complex carbohydrates are; Lettuce, Onion, Cabbage, Broccoli, Sprouts, Kale, Spinach, etc.  Complex carbohydrates having a long chain of sugar takes a longer time to digest as compared to simple carbohydrates. Therefore, complex carbohydrates don’t help to raise blood sugar as quickly as a simple carb(carbohydrates). It is found that the complex carb body feels better as it doesn’t help deposit fats more easily as a simple carb. In ketogenic complex carb(except bean & peas) diet are allowed without limit.

Whom of us will be benefited from keto diet

  • Suffering from overweight, or obesity.
  •  Has the problem of inflammatory bowel syndrome.
  • Suffering from migraine
  • Have Parkinson disease
  • Is suffering from seizure disorder
  • Is suffering from Alzheimer diseases
  • Have High Blood pressure
  • Is suffering from sleeping disorder


Traditionally the keto diet consists of 60 - 70% of protein, 20-25% of protein, and 5% of Carbohydrates of allowed daily calories of intake foods. Fats play an important role in the overall Metabolism of our body. All fats are not bad. When we take ketogenic diet food then the diet’s fat tissues are broken into fatty acids by our body's metabolism. These fatty acids then go into the liver, where these acids are processed there and converted into Ketones(Fuel source)

While taking the keto diet, we also lessen the intake of sugar. When we lessen the intake of sugar and take fat-rich complex carbonate mixed keto food products, we ignite ketones to act as fuel to clean up both brain and all our body. Using ketone as fuel instead of sugar resulted from less oxidative damages to cells of the brain and body.

Ketosis is the process that happens when your body doesn't have enough carbohydrates to act as energy to burn fats. At that condition ketones act as fuel and burn fats to lose weight, making our belly flat, and make us fit in all respect, with a healthy body.

Ketosis could be a great alternative for those wh0 have failed to find benefits or succeeded to control weight, diabetes any other method.

Though in the first week of starting the keto diet, you may feel bad, and or see the flu-like situation, and or some other problems. This will go if you continue the keto diet. After passing of few days you will see the benefits of the Keto diet.

There are many Keto Recipe Book, and or Keto Recipe Digital Book. In these Keto Recipe Cookbooks different Keto foods cooking methods, with their recipes are nicely, elaborately, and easily described, for you to follow, and prepare nicely cooked delicious and healthy Keto foods. You can any or few of the paying mostly Zero price from online Markets.

Furthermore. The ingredients, spices, and food items of the ketogenic diet are found on the online markets of all Big Cities of the world. You can browse the web and then find out the online keto store items, select keto items according to your choice, and purchase them online at a very competitive price, the packet of items will reach your home within a minimal time. Therefore, you can start the Keto food program immediately and see its wonderful result from 4th or 5th day.  

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